The Echoaires

Organized in 1993 by Joseph Johnson and Charles Houston in Moscow, Tennessee, the ECKOAIRES have turned their love for God, His people and music into a thriving ministry. How did they do it? It's quite simple. This group of musicians took their God given talents and combined and developed them into their own unique sound. Their soul stirring testimonies and harmonious voices combined with chord progressions that enabled you to feel the words of their songs usher the anointing into any venue. It is these attributes that make them one of the most sought after Quartet group in the Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas tri-state area and has blessed them to attain recognition in other sectors. The ECHOARIES were participants in the Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA) artist showcase in 1998 and 1999. They were the 2003 1st place winners of the EXCLESISA ENTERPRISES GOSPEL EXTRAVAGANZA in Jackson, Mississippi. In 2005 they were the 1st place winners of the Southwest Gospel Convention in Dallas, Texas. In 2006 they were the 1st place showcase winners of the 14th Annual American Gospel Quartet Convention (AGQC) in Birmingham, Alabama.

As an accomplished group, the ECHOAIRES have traveled throughout the country spreading their music ministry. They have served as opening worshipper for nationally acclaimed artist such as Harvey Watkins and the Canton Spirituals, Lee Williams and the Spiritual QC's, The William Brothers, Doc McKenzie and the Hi-Lites, Rev. Cheairs and the Songbirds, Lashun Pace, J Moss to name a few.

But all of their success hasn't come without its trials and tribulations. Like most groups, the ECHOAIRES have experienced the transition of members over the years. In 2003, the death of two members jeopardized their existence, and in 2005, while on the road sharing their ministry, a near fatal accident threatened them once again. But none of these storms deterred the ECHOAIRES from blessing the people of God. "Through all the storms that we suffered we still find a safe place in God," says lead singer Joseph Johnson. "Our faith has not been wavered, but make stronger. We know that it was because of His grace that we're still here." God's grace couldn't be more wonderful. In 1997 the group recorded its first album, "It's a Miracle", and in 2001, their second project, "Determined to make it" was recorded live.

In 2008 The Echoaires signed with longtime Memphis label Ecko Records where they prepared their third album for release. Their Ecko Records debut "Transformation" was recorded live in Memphis and features a guest appearance by the world renowned George Dean of the Gospel Four as well as guest appearances by Alescia "Lisa" Knowles of the Brown Singers and Reverend Roney Strong of the Strong Family Singers.

Since the release of the "Transformation" CD in February of 2009 the Echoaires' popularity has steadily grown making them one of the hottest quartets in the industry. They have been nominated for numerous awards for the "Transformation" CD release including the Rhythm Of Gospel Awards, The Jackson Music Awards and the Stellar Awards.

The ECHOAIRES are John Chandler, Courtney Clark, Cedric Conner, Joseph Johnson, Stephen Lewis, Shun Mason, Barry Turner, and Torrance Walker.