Jaye Hammer

Jeremy George, aka Jaye Hammer, was born on Sept. 1, 1981 in Friars Point, Mississippi. Jaye discovered he could sing at 9 years old. He began his solo career at 18 years old when he was discovered by Arron Weddington, CEO of Blues River Records. His first CD release was titled "Work it on Me" on the Blues River Records label.

At 26 years old Jaye lost his eye sight, but this didn't stop him from continuing his pursuit as a solo artist. In 2012 at the age of 30 years old, Jaye signed with Ecko Records. His first release on Ecko Records is titled "Hammer" and the reviews have been great.

Jaye is a dynamic vocalist whose soulful and sinuous style is the right combination for Soul Blues or Southern Soul. The feed back from DJ's and Club Jocks on the "Hammer" CD has overwhelmingly positive with cuts #1 "I'm Leaving You", #3 "Mississippi Slide", #4 "Soul Train Dancer", #8 "Go Head On", and #9 "Party Mood" being the standout cuts.

Jaye Hammer is one of the young guns with a future. Ecko Records thinks Jaye is a diamond in the ruff and will get better with every new release.