Legendary Lighthouse Gospel Singers

The Legendary Lighthouse Gospel Singers of Baton Rouge, Louisiana are a veteran gospel quartet who have been together and singing God's praises for an amazing 68 years. Their reputation for authentic soul stirring quartet singing has earned them widespread recognition among their peers and legendary status in the gospel world.

The members of The Legendary Lighthouse Gospel Singers include Rev. Perry Wright, Rev. Sterling Wright, Bro. Levie Wright, Bro. Linwood Wright, and Bro. David Wright, as well as Bro. Roosevelt Hafford. This group is certainly a family affair with strong bonds that unite them in flesh and spirit and have kept them going strong for all these many years. Along with the support of the Promised Land Baptist Church, New Charleston Baptist Church and Beechum Grove Baptist Church, and their families, The Legendary Lighthouse Gospel Singers have been blessed with the loving support of their thousands of fans who have stood with them through the years.

The group is managed by their long time Business Manager and dedicated advocate for the group, Rev. Gerard A. Robinson, Sr., along with their General Manager Bro. Sam Milligan.

After years of dedication to their singing and their ministry, The Legendary Lighthouse Gospel Singers have released their first CD project with a major Company in the current Gospel Quartet Industry. Their first release on Ecko Records "Through It All" was recorded live in their home town of Baton Rouge, LA. Included on this release is a guest appearance by the legendary George Dean of the Gospel Four. The Legendary Lighthouse Gospel Singers have dedicated this project to the loving memory of former Manager Bro. John Robertson who was with the group for more than 40 years; Assistant Manager Bro. Willie Miles who was with the group for 20 years; guitar player Bro. Donald Ray "Fat" Johnson; and baritone singer Bro. Earl Johnson who was with the group for 44 years. LLGS pray that this project will be as great of a blessing to others as it was to them in bringing it to people around the world.

The group has traveled throughout the country for years spreading their music and their ministry. Now with the release of "Through It All", they have been blessed to reach an even wider audience as they continue to gain recognition for their spirited quartet singing. Although they have been known for years within the quartet industry as one of the top groups, they are now receiving that recognition by the whole country. It is certain that it is now this group's time to shine. The Legendary Lighthouse Gospel Singers thank God for the wonderful opportunity to bring the "Through It All" LIVE in Baton Rouge recording to the public and to continue on their journey in praise for the Lord.