Ms. Jody

Ecko Records Recording artist Ms. Jody was born to the late Reverend Joe and Vivian Sims Pickens in Chicago, IL. She was raised in Bay Springs, Mississippi where she presently lives.

Ms. Jody started singing when she was just a little girl. In fact, there is never a time when she can say she doesn't remember singing. Ms. Jody says that the gift of singing was just born in her and it is really a gift from God.

Although she had been singing all her life, Ms. Jody did not go to her first Blues show until Fathers Day in 2004 when her brother, Dale Pickens, took her. On that show she saw Denise LaSalle, and O. B. Buchana. That's when Ms Jody says she decided that she could do that, and she wanted to do it too. It did not take long for Ms. Jody to do what she said, and in just about a year she had her first CD ready for release.

In 2006, at the suggestion of her friends Leo Johnson and William Day, Ms. Jody made a visit to Ecko Records in Memphis, TN where she was introduced to the staff. Shortly thereafter she joined the Ecko Records family and her first CD was released. The CD, entitled "You're My Angel" has brought Ms. Jody immediate recognition from the radio station programmers and their listeners. Songs like "Ms. Jody", "Sugar Daddy", and "Get Drunk Party" are all receiving heavy airplay and are creating a buzz about this new singer with the sexy voice. Although her image is that of a sexy and streetwise woman, Ms. Jody insists she is really just a backwoods country girl who enjoys life and loves to feel good and to have fun. Whether the image people have of her is true or not, it is definitely true that audiences have found a lot to love about the songs and the sound of Ms. Jody.

Ms.Jody released her second CD titled "What You Gonna Do When The Rent Is Due" in November of 2006. The CD contained the Southern Soul hit "You Dog's About To Kill My Cat" along with several other cuts that were played all over the Country. Ms. Jody's reputation with the fans and Radio Station P.D.'s and D.J's continued to grow with CD

In February of 2008 Ms.Jody's had her third CD release with "I Never Take A Day Off". In addition to a re-release of her first hit the CD also contained the hit song "Energizer Bunny".

The year 2008 also saw Ms. Jody nominated for several awards including the Jackson Music Awards "International Female Vocalist of The Year", and the Jus Blues Music Awards "Best New Southern Soul Artist Of The Year".

Ms.Jody has made a name for herself in a very short time, but with the success she has received there's no doubt she will be around for a long time.