O. B. Buchana

Born in Mound Bayou, Mississippi, O. B. Buchana spent his childhood in Clarksdale, Mississippi, a city that has always played a major role in the development of blues legends. Growing up in this musical environment, O. B. began his musical career at eight years old singing gospel songs in a Baptist church choir. It did not take long for O. B. to emerge as a lead singer, and by the time he was a teenager, the gospel group, The Mighty Suns of God, selected him as their lead singer.

In the early 1990's O. B. signed with the record label, Blue River, and his recording career kicked off with the single, "Back Up Lover". It was obvious to everyone listening to this recording that O. B. was a rising star in the blues and southern soul market. He also quickly became known as a powerful and energetic live entertainer. Word of O. B. Buchana and his dynamic stage show began to travel quickly earning him praise and recognition from fans all over the South. Soon after the success of "Back Up Lover" O. B. signed with Suzie Q Records in Shreveport, LA where he recorded two CD's: "It's Over" and "I Got Caught". Both CDs were strong sellers and the songs "Let's Get Drunk" and "I Can't Choose" became radio staples throughout the South.

Then in 2004, Ecko Records recognized the electrifying talent in O. B.'s earthy and soulful singing and signed him to a recording deal. O. B.'s first release for Ecko Records was "Shake What You Got" which contained the hits "That's My Bad" and "Shake What You Got". Soon after that the CD "I Can't Stop Drinking" was released, which contained the tribute to Tyrone Davis "Stage In The Sky". O. B.'s Ecko releases have received national attention and have brought him even wider recognition.