Patrick Hollis & United

Patrick Hollis was born and raised in Evergreen, Ms., a little town which is located just a few miles outside of Tupelo. He started singing at the young age of 3 years old and music soon became one of his greatest passions.

Patrick spent his early years playing in and around Tupelo where he began to be noticed by several of the big names in gospel music. In the early 2000's Patrick began to sing and play drums for one of gospel's biggest groups, Lee Williams & the Spiritual Q.C.'s. With the Spiritual QC's Patrick not only helped to strengthen the group, he also quickly developed into a dynamic performer as he began to lead several songs for the group. As time went by and Patrick's talents became more and more apparent, Lee Williams took a special interest in Patrick's career, becoming his mentor and biggest supporter.

In the year 2013, Lee Williams had a vision for Patrick to do his own CD. Patrick said he told Mr. Williams that he had not thought about doing his own CD and that he intended to stay on with the group and with Mr. Williams. But, being that he had such a strong belief in Patrick, Mr. Williams told him "people need to hear more of you because i taught you well and you can do it". Out of Lee Williams' vision Patrick Hollis & UNITED was formed and their first CD was recorded. Shortly after that Patrick and the group found their way to Ecko Records where they found a home and signed their first recording deal. In May of 2015, the album was released on Ecko Records. The release of the CD, "New Season" was the fulfillment of Lee Williams' dream for his talented protégé and was another blessing from the man that had so much faith in Patrick and who caused a dream to come true.

"New Season's" instant success made it clear that a new superstar had arrived on the gospel quartet scene. The years of being under the guidance and training of Lee Williams had obviously paid off and helped Patrick to develop into a great singer who was passionate about the Lord. Radio programmers across the country began to add songs from the album. Many of the songs received heavy rotation on the air including "Nobody's Fault" and "Joy of My Life".

The Group members of Patrick Hollis and United are: Patrick Hollis, Jimmy Burton, Tim White, and Kelvin Mcjukins. All members of the group are dedicated young men who love God with everything they have. And, although they may still be relatively young men by quartet standards, they are all seasoned professionals with years of experience singing for audiences and spreading God's word through their ministry. Patrick Hollis and United move the crowd and deliver a powerful service every time they perform, and with their second album on the way and due out shortly, they are just getting started!