Sheba Potts-Wright

Sheba Potts-Wright was born in Chicago, IL and spent the early years of her life in Detroit, MI and Greenwood, MS. Sheba now resides in Memphis, TN where she is the proud mother of one(1).

According to her father Sheba displayed the talents of a musical prodigy at just 9 months old, when she would sing "Too Hard To Handle" by Otis Redding. By the time she was 4 years old she was singing for family, friends, and neighbors for 25cents. When Sheba entered the 6th grade she joined the school band and choir. She played the xylophone, alto and tenor saxophone. Through hard work and dedication Sheba was awarded a scholarship in where she attended Rust College in Holy Springs, MS.

Sheba started performing with her father Dr. "Feelgood" Potts whom had been recording since the 1970's. In pursuing her dreams Sheba Potts-Wright has shared the stage with legendary artists such as, Willie Clayton, Johnnie Taylor, Bobby "Blue" Bland, Tyrone Davis, Millie Jackson, Dorothy Moore, Shirley Brown and Marvin Sease, just to name a few. Sheba later opened shows and sang back-up for the "Queen of the Blues" the great Denise LaSalle whom she also considers her God Mother.

Her career as a solo artist began in 2001 with her first CD release entitled "Sheba". On the debut CD she did the female version of the hit song "Slow Roll It" in which she earned her respect as a true "Blues Diva". In 2002 Sheba released her second album entitled "Love Fest" and "I Need A Cowboy To Ride My Pony" in 2004. Over the same period, her well-crafted singles were gaining her a near continuous presence on the stations of the Deep South. In 2005 she won the International Female Artist of the Year Award at the Jackson Music Awards. In 2006 Sheba released a single with rock-solid, no nonsense vocal and an arrangement brimming with originality "Big Man Hand". With one of the hottest tracks that summer called "Private Fishing Hole". 2008 she released "I'm A Bluesman's Daughter" which was the number 1 ranked song on Daddy B. Nice's "Breaking Southern Soul Singles" for August 2008. Her next project " The Best Of Sheba Potts-Wright" was pure southern soul heaven released in 2010. The following year she released "Let Your Mind Go Back".

Outside of Sheba Potts-Wright soaring career she still finds time to give love and dedication to her community. She's a motivational speaker for numerous schools speaking for " Anti-Drug Awareness". She's done many videos and spoke passionately for St. Jude Children Hospital on Sickle Cell Anemia. Sheba is a wonderful woman and singer who has traveled the world continuing to delight her many fans. She's our "New Millennium Diva of Blues" which is now her personal trade mark. She has brought us a new sound of Blues and R&B with her powerful voice, youthful charm and heartfelt lyrics that is still traditional but unique.

Her new album will be released October 2014 featuring hit single "Stay with Your Wife" bringing a younger audience to Southern Soul for the New Millennium R&B Diva.