Sonny Mack

William "Sonny Mack" Norris was born in Jackson Miss in 1951, and his father and mother Roosevelt and Juanita Norris move to Chicago Ill in 1954. His mother passed in 1968, and at the tender age of 12 yrs old he went to live with his uncle and aunt Willie and Roberta Jones. It was then that he begin his on going love affair with The guitar when his uncle purchased a Fender Guitar from his then good friend " Leo " who at that time was the lead guitarist for Miss KoKo Taylor.

He went on to learn how to play, often hogging the instrument from his cousins, Stick, and Tommy, who was also about his age. He began his professional career playing with Mr Bobby Rush who at that time had a hit record call Chicken Heads. Sonny Mack went on to play for many local and international stars such as Lee Shot William, the Streaker "Arlean Brown" Mr I Got Problem " Jesse Anderson " Little Mack Simmons, Junior Wells, Buddy Guy Tyrone Davis, B.B King , Albert King, Miss KoKo Taylor, Little Milton Campbell, and the list goes on.

Sonny Mack eventually moved to Memphis where he and a couple of members from the JJ Blues Band which included Mr. Chester " Memphis Gold " Chandler, and John 'Mo Blues" Moore, formed the Mack ll Band. Sonny left Memphis in 2003 and went back to Chicago and continued his music career playing with " Jumping Willie Cobb "and many others.

Sonny has moved back to Memphis and he has just released his new CD on the ECKO Records Label. The title of the CD is "Going For Gold" which was written by Sonny Mack and John Mo Blues Moore ………… We are looking for great things to happen with this new CD Sonny Says,, and please keep us in your Prayers……………God Bless!!!!